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Post by Quinnx on Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:54 pm

If you have made it this far, you are probably interested in joining. Great! This forum was stated with the goal of bringing wentworth fans together in one place to talk. There are some general rules that everyone needs to follow to keep everything fun.

1. Be respectful of the other members. You are all here because you have one major thing in common, a love for Wentworth. Bring arguments into PM, if anything escalates into threats, intolerant slurs, or cyberbullying contact an admin.

2. This goes along the lines of respect, no bullying! Bullying will absolutely not be tolerated and your account will be removed from the forum. Bullying includes things like: repeated abuse of victim, name-calling, spamming, threatening, and intentionally putting someone down.

3. No spamming, use common sense and don't flood the forums. Don't be annoying and spam people's imbox.

4. Swearing, CAPS LOCK, and debating is allowed. Don't cross the line. Do not swear at another member. Be kind, don't abuse it.

5. While debating is allowed because obviously people will not always have the same opinion as you, do not create unnecessary drama. If an issue happens to turn into an argument, take it to PM. Forum rules still apply. Report any abuse to a moderator.

6. Try to keep posts in correct categories, this rule will not be enforced at a punishment,  but your post will most likely be moved.

7. Links must be related to Wentworth or the actors/actresses. Keep links reliable, if it looks suspicious it probably is. Moderators will remove any non-wentworth related links and any shortened links.

8. Advertise your social media! The purpose of this forum is to make friends. Do not demand people follow you, but posting usernames and edits is allowed.

9. NO INTOLERANCE ALLOWED. NO EXCEPTIONS. Wentworth represents many minorities, such as, various religions, LGBT people, mentally ill, people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. No comment about these topics is comedic. Do not use any racial/homophobic/xenophobic/ableistic slurs, you will be banned.

10. Be safe with personal information, anybody can be anybody behind a keyboard.

Use common sense and be respectful my dudes. We wanna enjoy the forums just as much as you do.

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